Pathfront for Clients

PathFront is a holistic talent solution which endeavors to cater to all your sourcing requirements. We provide you candidates who are rigorously trained in Sales and IT specialized job roles, making sure that they are job ready and productive on arrival. PathFront identifies suitable talent, assesses them, inculcates skills and on boards them thereby offering a comprehensive end-to-end talent resolution. PathFront delivers role-ready professionals at zero cost to the company and our customized human resource development consulting team ensures that your talent acquisition needs are catered to in the best possible manner.

  • On-the-job Training

    PathFront training lays prime importance on business and technical skills, ensuring that the candidates delivered possess job necessary competencies and are proficient for the role assigned to them. On-the- job training prepares candidates with the requisite knowledge, abilities and attitudes required at the workplace. All client outcome-metrics are fully met with – no need for time consuming and expensive training sessions after onboarding.

  • Access to Talent Pool

    Clients get access to a huge untapped talent pool of Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges/institutes. Our robust sourcing model involves leveraging regional candidates which make sure clients get highly involved candidates with reduced attrition rates. A lower attrition rate from our students will translate into higher bottom line for your organization.

  • Holistic Student Assessment

    PathFront provides a well-rounded, universal key to corporate talent requirements. Stringent periodic assessment, performance driving employability tests and skill mapping guarantee that our clients get the best talent available in the market at no added costs. Pathfront conducts background and credential checks on all candidates, thereby ensuring high levels of integrity are maintained throughout the sourcing process.

  • Industry Connect

    PathFront Campus Connect aims to bridge the gap between academia and students through its vast network of 1000+ Pan-India colleges. Industry experts and specialists teach students through state-of- the –art infrastructure, which makes them highly deployable and job-ready. PathFront’s unique modular training courses address performance gaps and reinforce organizational competencies while giving students a chance to apply what they have learnt in simulated work environments.

  • Zero Cost to Client

    PathFront harnesses the best talent in the market at absolutely zero cost to client. No extra training, hiring or education costs to incur – there is a massive long-term cost saving advantage to clients through PathFront’s comprehensive model of talent procurement.